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Member Charities

The following seven charities from Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and United States signed a Cooperation Framework in 2016 to form Smile Asia.

Smile Cambodia


Smile Cambodia aims for a cleft-free Cambodia by building local capacity and infrastructure. It has delivered over 7,500 medical evaluations and more than 4,000 surgeries. Smile Cambodia set up the first Smile Centre in Phnom Penh in 2014. Established in 2003, Smile Cambodia is registered with the Ministry of Interior as a local NGO. It was formerly known as Operation Smile Cambodia.

Mdm Pich Chanmony (Chairperson), Chan Kok Choy (Vice Chairman), Dr Mok Theavy, Sean Ngu, Sok Channda, Bret Sciaroni, Peter Ng, Patty Heng, Chea Serey, Chhay Nay, Pierre Yves Catry and Ngy Meng.

Future Smile Charitable Foundation


Future Smile Charitable Foundation is one of the first domestic independent foundation in China to focus on helping children with facial deformities like cleft lip and palate. It is the programme implementation partner of Beam International Foundation Ltd, Hong Kong (formerly Operation Smile - China Medical Missions Ltd). While Future Smile had been in operation since 2002, it was registered as a charitable organisation in Zhejiang Province in 2013.

Sir David Akers-Jones (Honorary Chairman), Xue Weijiang (Chairman), Michael Wu Wei (Vice Chairman), Prof He Feifang, Dr Chen Xuhu, Jin Yujie, Pang Qingmeng and Zhuge Qin.

Beam International Foundation


Beam International Foundation Ltd. (逸傑國際慈善基金會有限公司) is a medical charity that provides free surgery to children with cleft lips and cleft palates in China. Beam also builds the long term capability of medical professionals in China. Established in 1991, it is a Hong Kong-registered charity. It was formerly known as Operation Smile – China Medical Mission Ltd. (微笑行動中國基金有限公司).

Dr Peter Pang Chi-Wang (Chairman), Chan Shing-bong, Wong Kwok-Man, Henry Tong Sau-Chai, Mandy d’Abo, Zhang Rui-Rui, Stanley Chen Wai-Lun, Vivian Cheng Hoi-Yue, Anita Tang

Mission Smile


Mission Smile is dedicated to providing free life changing cleft care and surgeries to children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities in India. It has delivered over 29,000 safe corrective surgeries in India. Set up in 2002, it is a registered medical charitable trust in India. It was formerly known as Operation Smile India Trust.

Dr Rashmi Taneja, Maj Gen Manjit Singh Sandhu (Retd), Venkat Ramaswamy, Gurdeep Singh, Dr Pervez Ahmed, Deepak Atal and Dr Tarun Sahani.



Kodomo-ni-Egao (Smile for Children) changed its name from Operation Smile Japan (OSJ) after it dissociated with Operation Smile, Inc. on 1 July 2016. OSJ started its activities from the summer of 2009 by sending Japanese medical volunteers to medical missions. It was officially founded on 1 June 2010 and was approved authorized NPO status by Tokyo Metropolitan Government on 16 October 2012 to be qualified as a tax exempt charity for donations received.

Keiji Matsushima (Chairman/CEO), Dr Yoshiaki Hosaka (Medical Director), Dr Tomorou Tajima, Dr Shinya Yoshimoto, Nobuo Takei and Jun Okubo (Auditor-Secretary).

The Smile Mission


The Smile Mission aims to instill a sense of volunteerism among Singapore residents, and create overseas volunteering opportunities to local medical professionals. It has contributed to over 8,000 free surgeries for children born with facial deformities across Asia. Set up in 2008, it is a Singapore-registered charity. It was formerly known as Operation Smile Singapore Ltd.

A/Prof (Dr) Vincent Yeow (Chairman), Dr Josephine Tan, Stefanie Yuen-Thio, Paul Wilden, Kong Ho Loon, Janice Gan, Sean Tan, Diana Lim.

Bright Faces, Inc.


Bright Faces was created to find and serve the thousands, perhaps millions, of cleft lip and palate patients living in the most remote and medically-inaccessible regions of the world. It works with various programme implementation partners across the world. Set up in 1994, it is an United States-registered 501(c)(3) charity. It was formerly known as Operation Smile Foundation, Inc.

William Fox (Chairman), Carl Treleaven, Frank Reidy, Michael Apa, Lacey Tisch, Ken Pavés.