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We Encourage Volunteerism

An act of kindness is also an opportunity to learn


We need Nonmedical Volunteers to help raise awareness for our cause, lend hands at ad hoc events, support in raising funds through events and networks, and assist the medical team during medical missions. This allows us to streamline our focus to providing quality care for our patients.

As a Nonmedical Volunteer, you are welcome to initiate and organise events to either raise awareness or funds for us. We suggest you share your proposal with us so we are able to advise you of any relevant local regulatory requirements.

Nonmedical Volunteer positions in overseas medical missions are in high demand, thus limiting our ability to accede to most requests.


Medical Records
Records patient’s medical history and compile charts

Electronic Medical Records
Captures data in computer for medical charts

Patient Imaging Technician
Takes pictures before, during and after surgery

Child Life Support
Assists the Child Life Specialist

Speech Therapy Support
Assists the Speech Language Therapist

Social Photography
Documents the medical mission through pictures

Social Videography
Documents the medical mission through videos

Patient Biography
Logs the patients’ individual stories

General Orientation
Assists in patient orientation

Serves as a translator for patients



We welcome you to join us as a nonmedical volunteer through the form below. Registration only needs to be done once.

If you have already registered and would like to request participation in a medical mission, you can apply through our MISSION PARTICIPATION REQUEST form in the section below.

Register - Nonmedical



Please note that volunteers must be registered with us prior to joining a mission. You can register through the relevant VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION forms in the section above.

The following form only applicable for medical mission participation in countries outside your country of residence. If the medical mission is held in the same country as your residence, please contact relevant Smile Asia member charity office in your country.

Mission Request - Nonmedical
Mission Request - Medical