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Quite simply, we wouldn’t exist without the dedicated hearts of our volunteers. Today, we’re proud to have a large volunteer network with hundreds of medical and non-medical professionals around Asia, and the world. They are the drive, the spirit and the reason we’re able to provide thousands of medical exams, surgeries and care each year at no cost to our patients and their families.


Our medical teams are made up of plastic surgeons, anaesthetist, paediatricians, nurses, dentists, speech pathologists, child life therapists and bio-medical technicians who are highly skilled in their fields and are compelled to give back by taking part in our missions.

But it’s not just our medical professionals who drive our organization. It’s our community volunteers, from all walks of life, who work tirelessly to raise funds, coordinate medical missions and donate supplies, transportation, post-operative care and educational programs. Each individual is critical to making our program work.


As our organization has expanded across Asia, so has our volunteer network in partner countries. In many of these places, we have helped build a vital volunteer base and a culture of volunteerism where one did not previously exist. It not only makes it possible for us to provide free surgeries to children with facial deformities, it also promotes cross-cultural sharing of ideas, best practices and medical diplomacy.

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