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Changing children’s lives doesn’t begin and end with our medical volunteers and our missions. The compassion, energy and selfless service of our students are important to ensure they become the next generation of volunteers needed to carry on our work.

Under the umbrella of our International Student Executive Committee, which is led by students themselves, our Student Initiative is targeted towards secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

Our Student Initiative aims to develop students along the following four pillars:


We have Smile Asia Student Chapters across various schools in Asia that instil our core values of commitment, leadership and volunteerism among student volunteers as well as raise awareness about cleft. Through participating in service-learning projects, they experience first-hand how they can impact the world.

Long-term student volunteers also have the opportunity to join our medical missions to assist specialists in the following areas:

Medical Records
Film and Photography
Speech Therapy

Interested in starting your own student chapter? To find out more about our Student Initiative, please write to