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Fundraising may be initiated by third parties who raise monies in our support. We suggest you share your fundraising proposal with us so we are able to advise you of any relevant local regulatory requirements.

All information provided to potential donors shall be accurate and not misleading
Information such as the intended use of donor funds and any use of a commercial fundraiser, if relevant in soliciting the donation, shall be disclosed to donors
All donor data shall be kept confidential, unless donor consent has been procured
All donations shall be used in accordance with the donors’ intentions, barring which the donation can be used to fund any of our activities

Donors are encouraged to issue cheques.


The following are guidelines for appeals of donation during fundraising activities:

Show respect for the dignity of the beneficiaries
Avoid stirring negative emotions, such as guilt
Avoid making comparisons to other organisations
Avoid presenting an exaggerated impression of the scope or nature of the cause or problem handled by the charity
Avoid misleading the public with regard to the purpose and use of the donations
Avoid the use of messages or images that might be construed as insensitive to any race, religion or culture
Do not subject prospective donors to coercion, harassment or undue pressure


To understand details on Permits and Licences, please drop us an email at


If you wish to use the Smile Asia name and/or logo, please write to us at

All usage of name and/or logo must have a written approval from us, which you need to preserve for reference by regulators, if any.

Smile Asia reserves the right of approving the use of its name and logo on all event promotional material, including, but not limited to, flyers, posters, promotion on websites, etc.