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Standards of Care

We raise medical standards through collaborative learning


We Encourage Volunteerism

An act of kindness is also an opportunity to learn


Our objectives are achieved through the following programmes.

Deliver surgical care and provide knowledge-sharing platforms by organising medical missions involving multi-country participants.

Deliver surgical care and provide knowledge-sharing platforms by extensive use of local infrastructure and proficiencies involving multi-country participants.

Instil a sense of volunteerism among healthcare and allied professionals by encouraging them to join medical missions.

Organise specialised training and education programmes for healthcare and allied professionals.

Encourage volunteerism and provide leadership development opportunities to the student community.

Post-operative care for Singapore-based children, inclusive of research and infrastructure development.

*This programme involves only The Smile Mission Ltd, Singapore.

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For the Kids of Smile Asia

Well done Ling Er and Jessica Lee 🙂

Breaking news from World Championships 70.3 IRONMAN Chattanooga/USA:

Ling Er ran herself into 20th position for her AG at the 70.3 World Championships! Believed to be the best ranking any SEAsian even had at the 70.3 Worlds!! 10mins and 43seconds is what separate the AG World Champion and Ling! Talk about the dept of field, racing in this years 70.3 Worlds!!!

Jessica Lee 5:52:45 147th in her age group! Fast time for her despite not being used to a hilly course and cool swim like that.
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