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The Asia Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) was initiated in 2012 and has been held every year since then. It aims to give students a platform to develop and strengthen their leadership skills and character, to receive training on becoming creators of change, and to enhance inter-cultural awareness.

The student-led conference has attained much success over the years. Student leaders from 20 countries converge in Singapore to join hands with their counterparts here to build awareness and learn about core values of service, leadership, education and volunteerism. When students help children in need, they learn first-hand how they can make an impact on the world and help heal humanity.

The conference recognises and celebrates diversity among the participants as students play a vital role in the future of the world.

ASLC 2022

The theme this year is Emergence.

Given the scale of change and disruption sweeping society today, adaptability is paramount in empowering youths to make a tangible impact on our global community. Equipping youths with the necessary versatile skills and resources is integral to their development as innovative leaders.

Through ASLC 2022, our objective is to provide a platform for future-ready youths to establish networks with those who are like-minded in their causes and beliefs and to create feedback loops that serve to innovatively improve social contribution regionally and globally. They will be the ones emerging as new leaders, ready to embrace oncoming changes and tackle challenges in a whole new way.


Day 1 | 16 July Saturday

1000 – Welcome & Icebreakers
1200 – Lunch
1300 – Service-Learning Journey Prep
1500 – Service-Learning Journey
1800 – Dinner & Team Session

Day 2 | 17 July Sunday

0900 – Breakfast & Checkout
1000 – Conference Module
1230 – Lunch
1330 – Conference Module
1500 – Ends


The conference aligns with schools’ Values in Action (VIA) Programme and seeks to educate and inculcate a sense of volunteerism in students. Through the forum, participants are encouraged to contribute meaningfully to the community by applying values, knowledge and skills.

Students who have participated in the conference extensively will be rewarded with VIA hours.


There is no registration fee. However, there is a deposit of S$10, which will be refunded at the start of the conference. Please keep a soft copy of your receipt handy.